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X Factor Rhydian Roberts’ transformation and heartbreaking life 15 years after the ITV show


Rhydian Roberts is one of the most famous X Factor contestants.

The baritone singer shot to fame in 2007 on season 4 of the popular ITV show. Rhydian’s unique style and distinctive platinum blonde look captivated the judges as he sailed to the live shows when mentored by Dannii Minogue.

Rhydian was 24 when he appeared on the program and faced stiff competition from actors such as Same Difference and Niki Evans. The opera singer progressed to the final as fans raved about his lyrical renditions of songs such as Go West and Get The Party Started.

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Rhydian eventually finished in second place behind Leon Jackson, but was still offered a recording contract by Simon Cowell’s label, Syco Music. The musician described his journey on the program as a “whirlwind” – as reported by Mirror Online.

He said, “I had a great time. I was surprised I even made it to the bottom two because of the nature of the voice. It’s really a pop show.”

Rhydian’s career went from strength to strength following his time on X Factor as he released his self-titled debut album in November 2008. The album achieved platinum status within weeks and earned him the title of Artist best-selling male solo of the year with 600,000 copies. sold.

He performed for an audience of over 30,000 at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 60th birthday party in Hyde Park and Prince Charles invited him to become a patron of the Prince’s Trust. After touring, Rhydian released his second album ‘O Fortuna’ and recorded his own special for Welsh broadcaster S4C, followed by the documentary ‘Rhydian’.

After releasing two classic crossover albums, Rhydian decided to change his sound for his 2011 album “Waves”. Rhydian joined the cast of the West End musical We Will Rock You in 2011, appeared in the pantomime Aladdin, the Rocky Horror Show and touring productions of Jesus Christ Superstar and Little Shop of Horrors.

Rhydian was working as a personal trainer when he auditioned for the X Factor – and he continued to work on his physique as he showed off his ripped transformation in a photo shoot in 2015. However, Rhydian has opened up in the past about the how he struggled with his body image.

Rhydian Roberts shows off her ripped transformation on stage

He told Loose Women in 2018: “I had it in college. I guess you would call it body dysmorphia. I don’t have it now, but when you’re on TV there’s always pressure to look good.

“The same is true with men too. I don’t have it bad at all. When I was muscular, you’re never tall enough or thin enough, whatever. It’s not that important now and the older you get, the more tolerant you are.”

Rhydian is now 39 and has moved away from the stage in recent years and now works away from the limelight. He describes himself as an “X Factor legend” in his Twitter bio and also reveals that he works for an entertainment management company.

His new role is that of manager of artists and promoter for the stars, including Any Dream Will Do winner Lee Mead, Iranian-Canadian West End actor Rami Karimloo, actress Samantha Barks and the pop group UB40. Rhydian is keeping busy as he has also stated that he is a real estate developer and investor.

Away from his showbiz career, Rhydian has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Liesl, since 2016 and revealed he has become a stepfather to his son.

He said in 2018: “He doesn’t have a dad basically so I stepped in and played the role. I love it, you have to become completely selfless. Seeing his development is just beautiful to see. It makes me hate to sing. I’m practicing at home and he’s like, ‘daddy, daddy, stop singing’.”

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