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With the sheer volume of Netflix, Unsolved Mysteries gets even better. – The UBJ


Unsolved Mysteries is a significant contribution to the true crime genre, and the third season of the Netflix documentary series shows why it’s still fantastic.

Recently, the first three episodes of the new season of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix have been made available. Unsolved Mysteries: Volume Three debuted to great fanfare and has since been hailed as the best season yet. There’s plenty of time to reflect on these horrible and mysterious situations as there will be three new episodes released every Tuesday for the next two weeks.

The popularity of true-crime TV shows and movies has skyrocketed recently. The acclaimed Unsolved Mysteries docuseries, which debuted in 1988, focuses on unsolved crimes in all their manifestations, including murder, kidnapping, paranormal activity, and even UFO sightings. Each episode is a unique case that introduces viewers to a whole new puzzling tale.

Even in the true crime genre, which seems to grow with new productions every year, the Netflix version of Unsolved Mysteries stands out. Here’s how the program differs from the competition and some additional information regarding upcoming episodes.

Unresolved Nature

When it comes to detective stories, there is a wonderful reward: the moment when everything clicks into place and the mystery is solved. This is especially true with true crime stories where the victims and violence are real people, which intensifies the need for justice. However, it is clear that unsolved mysteries have no solutions. Because of this, the writers had to make a number of subtle changes in order to make the stories compelling and focus on closing those families down.

Re-enactments, depositions, or interviews with family, friends, and investigators who worked on the case are all used in Unsolved Mysteries. In order to tell a sufficiently compelling story that draws viewers in and transports them to these worlds, even if the conclusion is the same, there are also found footage (news coverage from when the events happened, video self-recorded, etc.) . (unresolved). The docuseries effectively tell his story and urge viewers to come forward if they have any new information about a case, especially one involving murder and suspicious activity. The show has excelled at striking that difficult balance in these most recent episodes.

The romanticization and celebration of the perpetrator (or crime) and the dehumanization of the victim are two of the most common criticisms of the true crime genre. Especially in the movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile and more recently in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, it happened frequently with Ted Bundy. Each new film and TV program based on true stories has made this more visible. Some films even approach ignoring the fact that the victims were real individuals in favor of emphasizing a serial killer’s tragic past or the greedy elements of the investigation. It’s chilling how little attention is given to victims in recent productions, considering that these elements should be part of those storylines.

Two of the most common complaints about the true crime genre are the romance and celebration of the offender (or the crime) and the dehumanization of the victim. This happened frequently with Ted Bundy, especially in the films Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, and Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. This has become more evident with each new film and television program based on true stories. Some films even go so far as to downplay the fact that the victims were real people in favor of highlighting the tragic backstory of a serial killer or the greedy aspects of the investigation. Given that these elements should be part of these narratives, it is worrying how little attention is paid to victims in recent productions.

Additionally, the loved ones of the victims are given priority, making unsolved mysteries less about the abusers and more about the victims and events. The fact that these incidents go unsolved and there are no known suspects or anyone to investigate is definitely a contributing factor to this, but it still works.

Many unsolved mysteries

One of the main highlights of the show since its relaunch is how radically different cases are explored. Although there are plenty of murders, the unsolved mysteries also include cases involving ghosts and aliens. This is clearly evident in the first three episodes of the current season, which recreate intriguing instances that leave the viewer wondering what happened. One of the best aspects of the series is enhanced by the interesting diversity between the first three episodes, and from what we know of the episodes to come, the variety will only increase.

The third season begins with a powerfully emotional episode titled “Mystery at Mile Marker 45”. Tiffany, a young woman, perishes in the episode after being hit by a train. The cause of death was quickly determined to be suicide, but the family were unhappy with the decision because not only would it be inconsistent with who she was, but also because crucial factors were not considered. Most importantly, she was only wearing her panties and no other clothes or shoes when she was hit by the train.

In a surprising twist, “Something in the Sky” tells the story of more than 300 Michigan residents who witnessed strange patterns in the sky that night in 1994. Then, “Body in Bags” returned to its sad and heartbreaking core, focusing on the story of a young father named David who had been murdered and maimed. The main suspect fled and has not been found since.

When viewing the show, it is impossible to resist trying to solve these cases. Fans will just have to wait for the final six episodes, which means they could see six more puzzling cases. Or they can watch the two most recent seasons, which contain a number of gripping stories.