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Vicki Beam: Use Break Time to Research Scholarships | Business



Vicki L. Beam

The Christmas holidays are a great time to reconnect with family and look for scholarships. Seniors linked to college are now finding out which schools they applied to accepted them. The acceptance letter often includes details of scholarships and grants for which the student was automatically considered.

Now is the time to look for some extra help the student can ask for.

The number of scholarships awarded has increased by over 45% over the past 10 years. Each year, approximately $ 46 billion in grants and scholarships are awarded by the United States Department of Education and colleges and universities nationwide. An additional $ 7.4 billion is awarded through private scholarships.

While there is a lot of free money available, a significant amount is not awarded each year. It is estimated that $ 100 million in scholarships are not awarded each year. This is mainly due to the lack of candidates. An estimated $ 2.6 billion in Pell Grants was unclaimed in the 2018-19 academic year.

Complete the FAFSA to take advantage of federal financial aid. The FAFSA is also used to determine need-based assistance offered by colleges and universities.

Scholarship providers assess many factors when selecting scholarship recipients, not just grades. You don’t need to have a 4.0 GPA to be considered for a scholarship. Many scholarships require an essay to learn more about the student and whether they match the scholarship requirements. There are scholarships for Tall Students (Tall Clubs International), Scribblers (Doodle for Google), Creative Students with Duct Tape (Duct Brand Duct Tape), and Callers (Chick and Sophie Duck Call Contest ) to name a few.

When applying for scholarships, it is important to stay organized. Many will request a letter of recommendation, so let your recommenders know that you will be applying for scholarships. Pay attention to the details and requirements of the scholarship. When filling out the application, make sure you know your audience. Showcase what is unique in you and share your passion and your personality.

Send a thank you note to the scholarship provider for their time and consideration. It doesn’t have to be too formal, just the gesture itself can go a long way. Sending a personal thank you shows that you are grateful and grateful for the chance to be considered. Also, don’t forget to send a thank you to those who wrote your letters of recommendation.

Once you’ve secured a scholarship, be sure to write a thank you to the organization that offered you a scholarship. The group that chooses the scholarship winners has put a lot of effort into deciding who is the best match. You never know if they can give you another one in the future if they don’t have enough qualified applicants.

There are many websites that help students find scholarships based on their profile. Some that have been used successfully by local students include collegeboard, finaid, fastweb, cappex, scholly, scholarships, chegg, niche, unigo, and petersons. Many students like to use the app available from scholly.

Locally, millions of dollars are distributed each year. The Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation (GTRCF) has a scholarship application which is used to award many local scholarships. The application window opens on January 14, 2022. More information on scholarships, requirements and the application itself can be found at www.gtrcf.org.

In addition to the scholarships awarded by the GTRCF, there are many other local scholarships available. Students are encouraged to visit the high school counselors office for more information. You can also access a list at www.michigancollegeplanning.com.

Once a student has been accepted into a college, additional scholarships are available. Students are encouraged to set up their Student Portal as soon as they are accepted. Visit the financial aid portion of the website to find scholarships that may be right for you.

Many Michigan colleges hold scholarship competitions that award full scholarships. Be sure to check the details and deadlines for your schools.

Don’t be fooled by scholarship scams! You should never be required to pay any submission or registration fees to apply for a scholarship. Scholarships make college more affordable and reduce the burden of student debt.

If the students accept the search for part-time scholarships, it can prove to be helpful in making the university more affordable. There are a lot of success stories in our region.

One includes a local family who followed the time they spent researching and applying for scholarships. Mom helped find scholarships that were right for her and the student wrote essays and filled out the scholarship applications. They’ve spent about 100 hours over the year working on it. He has received over $ 100,000 in scholarships.

Get help from a college funding advisor. Michigan College Planning helps navigate the financial aid process from start to finish, including creating a clear plan. Our services include preparation now to optimize your eligibility for financial aid for your student’s college years. We are happy to help you! Contact us for a free consultation on college funding.

Take advantage of the Michigan College Planning College Planning Workshop to learn more about the application process and how to become what colleges want. Visit www.michigancollegeplanning.com or https://www.tcaps.net/programs/leap/ for locations and dates.

The workshops are informative and include steps you can take now to make sure you understand the cost of attendance and how you can afford to go to college. If you are unable to attend a workshop, please feel free to call Michigan College Planning with your questions.