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Tulare local health care district undergoes leadership reshuffle


In a district press release, board chair Kevin Northcraft said Ormonde’s tenure in the district had been a phenomenal success.

“When she was hired we were bankrupt and losing money every month. His passion for the affairs of the district, his financial responsibility and his commitment to every issue in the district has served us extremely well, ”said Northcraft. “We now have a bright future, money in the bank, running a successful fitness center, and a huge effort to complete the tower. “

Board secretary Xavier Avila told The Sun-Gazette that the district was fortunate to have such an exceptional person at the helm.

“She far exceeded expectations. I hate to see her go, ”Avila said. “She did a great job and will be missed. He is one of the smartest, most professional, and most educated people I have ever met.

Avila said the district hopes to fill the void before Ormonde leaves in December for the new CEO to work with Ormonde to level up. The board discussed the replacement of Ormonde behind closed doors – titled “Discussion and action on the appointment of the CEO by a public employee” – at the special meeting on September 24, a decision that drew criticism over the lack of transparency in the form of several letters read during public commentary from Dr Patricia Drilling Phelps, a member of Citizens for Hospital Accountability, the community organization whose grassroots efforts led to Benzeevi’s indictment and the ousting three of the five board members who sat during the district’s HCCA days.

In his letter, Drilling Phelps said that taxpayers have a right to know whether the hospital board has spent its time and thought to adequately review all potential candidates for public office, and in particular its critical CEO, whose salary is funded by the Tulare taxpayer. dollars. To clarify, the position of District Executive Director, although it is a public office, is not an elected office and does not legally require public participation or voting.

“When Citizens for Hospital Accountability was formed, it was in response to a dishonest public hospital board of directors, which cared little for discussions in the open session of a public meeting. This advice was rampant with backstage deals and serial meetings. It allowed [HCCA] exploit the resources of the district at will. This board has cleared for [HCCA] to solicit $ 22 million in unsupervised loans and promote a $ 55 million bond without knowing exactly how the money would be spent, ”Drilling Phelps said. “This hastily organized article and meeting to that end is more reminiscent of the Kumar board than the post-Kumar board.”

Dr Parmod Kumar chaired the hospital’s board of directors during the HCCA tenure and was a strong supporter of the now indicted company.

Senovia at sunset

The director of the board of directors, Senovia Gutierrez, also announced her resignation from the board of directors of the hospital district, effective October 1. unaccompanied children crossing the Mexican-American border. A mother of five and a Mexican immigrant from Aguascalientes herself, Gutierrez said her decision to step down from the board and help at the border was straightforward.

Senovia Gutierrez

“Right now, I believe children need me, my skills and my knowledge more to help them,” said Gutierrez. “The board is in very good shape at the moment… I really have confidence in all of my [fellow board members] and they’re going to do a really good job.

Gutierrez took over from Kumar in July 2017 via a recall election – requested by Citizens for Hospital Accountability – where Kumar was recalled by 80% of voters and Gutierrez was overwhelmingly chosen to replace him with three quarters of the vote. Gutierrez can now say “His recall, was my call” with a laugh, but at the time, the recall process, the election, and the resistance to the results of the explosion that followed presented major challenges and frustrations for him. Gutierrez and his family.

Gutierrez and the recall effort posed an immediate threat to Benzeevi’s criminal scheme, as his staunch supporter, Kumar, was on the chopping block. In order to ensure his boss is not recalled, Benzeevi’s bank records show he hired a consulting firm known as Psy-Group, a former Israeli private intelligence agency specializing in manipulation campaigns. social media. The group provided services which included creating websites, social media pages and brochures to spread misinformation about Gutierrez.


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