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Throwback to ‘X Factor’ Channel 5: ‘Cruel’ show should feel ‘safer’ now, says Joe McElderry


Joe McElderry says The X Factor could do more to create a “safe space for artists” while working on their “follow-up” for singers. This, after saying that the show had gotten tougher over the past few years before it was canceled. Now that there are rumors of his return to Channel 5, McElderry says he hopes substantial changes can be made.

The hitmaker who won the 2009 series, appeared on FURBAR Radio speaking with TOWIE star Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on popular gossip show Access All Areas.

During their discussion, the conversation naturally turned to the tragic death of former pop star legend and pop idol Darius Campbell Danesh.

The singer was found unresponsive in his Minnesota apartment on August 11, with doctors pronouncing the 41-year-old entertainer dead after arriving at the scene. Rochester local police confirmed there was “no indication of intent of suspicious circumstances”, but further toxicology reports will be made.

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Joe told the hosts that Darius was]such a talent and such a lovely person that his death is so sad and tragic.

Later in the discussion, the conversation turned to the possibility of Simon Cowell’s ITV talent scout making a return after he was axed in July last year.

However, there have been recent rumors that the program could be revamped and be back on another channel in 2023 after a five-year hiatus. With speculation that Simon is in talks with a production company, Joe insisted he would support the shows returning, but adaptations outlined for the show’s stars will have to be made.

He told Bobby and Stephen: “Hopefully if it comes back they make some more changes to make it a little bit safer space for artists in terms of forming contracts and tracking artists and things like that.” He added, “We’re hearing more and more stories about how people have suffered on these shows, and not just on X Factor, but on many other reality shows as well. It’s not just that one.”

In a previous interview, Joe said he thought The X Factor got tougher the longer it aired, until it stopped airing.

“I think they tried to be a little too smart with the format which I think maybe got a little too cruel, with this whole six-chair challenge and telling people they’ve moved on then that they weren’t.”

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