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Thinking deeply about a topic over time


Florida’s House Bill 5, an absurd/stupid replacement bill Roe v. wade

This bill is a slap in the face to girls and young women. What they decide is between them and their consulting physician or provider. Not you Governor DeSantis, not the people in the House, not the people in the Senate, not the people in Congress. Not your choice.

I oppose House Bill 5. Will your next bill take away women’s suffrage?

This bill is just another example of politicians interfering with the private choices that should only be made between a patient and her health care provider. Abortion should always be safe, legal and accessible to any woman who needs or wants it. The decision to end a pregnancy is very personal.

Certainly NOT a decision of a governor, government, court, judge or members of Congress. Earth’s population is exploding. 70% of Americans support a woman’s right to choose her own path.

DeSantis: Your House Bill 5 would impose 16 years or more of a court conviction of a woman on work hardship and scheduling choices. To force her to care for a child at extreme personal cost and financial responsibility, an indefinable burden on a woman’s years to come. You are challenging the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution to a woman’s reproductive rights.

DeSantis, you pick, you pass your bill, then you have to personally pay a woman’s pain and the costs of your forced labor on her. You impose (only) your opinion, your own point of view. The lifetime cost of raising a child born in 2022 is estimated at $272,049. Also, if the woman cannot work, pay her an additional minimum wage of $15. /Hour or more $2,628,000. Rejecting his right of constitutional choice of the United States in the United States? Maybe, maybe not. But a right protecting a pregnant woman’s freedom to choose to have an abortion without governmental restriction, without male-imposed opinion is NOT yours.

A human man has no such restrictions or similar responsibilities imposed on him. He is unique in this regard as a woman is unique in hers.

A woman has the right to have her opinion, to choose. As you have the right to have your opinion. You have NO rights beyond this. Anyone deciding for her is wrong. Neither you nor I have the right to decide his choice or his fate! This extreme legislation does not respect a woman’s decision. What can you take away from a male, his choices, for such a cruel punishment as you inflict on a girl or a young woman? What would you say if you found yourself pregnant?

Reading Considerations:

Dictionary: Life begins when breathing begins. An obvious truism of all species, hatching from an egg or during live birth: The period between birth and the present time. The period from the present until death. For humans, 24 to 27 weeks is an approximate time when a fetus, a growth in a woman’s body, becomes “viable”, i.e. able to survive outside the woman’s uterus. . Science and studies agree at 23 weeks life is likely to be defective or not likely to survive. Between 24 and 27 weeks, it is possible to sustain life outside the womb, thanks to science, humanity’s own research, human medical education, talent and self-awareness. It says “One life saved could be that of a future President. Yes, OR a future Terrorist, a future Rapist, a future Mass Killer, a future Thief, a future ‘Wordy Liar’ or whatever like a bad person. Which is more likely? What would you say if you found yourself pregnant?

DeSantis: Reject this nonsense [Inconsistent with reason, logic, or common sense] prohibition of abortion. Don’t change this existing accepted practice: Roe vs. Wade, a woman’s right to choose. Could be a mistake, mistake or just plain incorrect. Perhaps a wandering from a direct course. Successful decision making has been effective for many years, supported by 70% of Americans. A woman has the right to choose. A right to vote. Reject any effort to suppress a woman’s reproductive rights. His right to choose. OR take away your right, a man’s right, choice or other right of any person in Florida or anywhere in this country.

Rules are good when it comes to the welfare, health, safety or good of the majority of a people. The rules apply to businesses because they are a collective group of people, from managers to employees. Companies don’t do bad things. People do bad things. Businesses are made up of people. People in companies do bad things. Find the business. Sure. It becomes common knowledge. Punish the person who ordered the wrong action. Absolutely! Punish employees, help associates or those personally involved? Yes. The same goes for governors who waste their time signing bad laws that go against the grain or go against the grain. It is simply not fair that states are not united with the United States.

A different rule/law is imposed simply by crossing a border, on women. No. Does this remind you: make every state a country? Since the late 1700s, citizens have all been members of the United States.

Support and seek the legitimacy of a “whistleblower” and their charges. Respect their description. It is not a “crime” to “report”. Hiding the truth is.

DeSantis: Surely you have more pressing matters to spend your time on; Like getting along with your fellow congressmen, working together for the good of the people of your state of Florida or these United States. When Congress is in session, work together and do good things, together. You work for the American people, all the people. Don’t quibble over budgets or spending assumptions. Things passed for the good of many people are the right thing to do. Budgets are simply estimates of future expenditure. Adjustable, editable and searchable, over time or as new information becomes available. In private life, one should not live beyond one’s means. Applies to country governments or companies.

Our Earth’s greatest challenge is us humans, ourselves: Overpopulation: Eight billion people in 2022. From 11 to 16 billion in the years to come. Today, five billion 5,000,000 live on less than US$3.21 a day. No right to abortion? You’re kidding.

Climate change caused by human influence is bad. Humans are exploiting the resources of our world at an alarming rate. When our resources are exhausted, they are exhausted. When oil and gas resources are low, countries accumulate them for themselves. Will we be back to wars then?

We have problems living together. The people of Earth have this one Earth. No spare, no backup plan, no other world. We have to get along, all together. No exception. The UN has failed in its directives. Think of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Think of Putin in Russia. The United Nations must intervene, help when the natives leave their country en masse — Intervene, repair/eliminate the source at the origin of the exodus.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine: forced a mass exodus of natives. Destruction of houses, roads and everything else too. Lost life cannot be recovered. Unfortunately. Create a UN-Ukraine bank to redirect and collect all funds entering Russia. Siphon off a percentage from the top, use it for Ukraine to rebuild, fix their country. Put a bounty on Putin’s head. Limit it to Russia. Country borders are defined. The era of “taking” land or land possessions is over.

The Florida Legislature must defeat Bill HB 5/SB 146. Treat women fairly. All women, equally with men. Respect their choices. Abortion is a choice for them alone. The woman with her doctor or health care provider.

A man, any man, all men, any woman, all women, all are equal. Don’t punish a woman because her choice is not your choice. She is your equal. You are not his superior. You have no authority to choose for her. Just as she has no authority over your choice.

As a man, you have no equal female “status” to, or by law restrict you to. Don’t limit her to her only difference from you. What do you think it will be like to find yourself pregnant?

She can (can she?) reject sex with you. But many male, gender drive, forcibly have sex with a female, however punishable by applicable laws. Oh good? Such an action often results in the pregnancy of a woman. Your action with force is a crime severely punished by law. The male knows best. Teach better. No excuses. None.


RD Freedman