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It’s hard to imagine an East End without the charm of Morritt’s. Drive east and you can’t miss the resort’s colorful billboards, warmly announcing that you’re “home.” Indeed, this deep understanding of home and family is precisely what Morritt’s does best.

It’s not surprising. After all, Morritt’s story is one of a small family business with big ideas and a boundless spirit. Or, as some call it, the Morritt factor.

George Morritt and Florence Morritt, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

Keep Calm and carry on

Millionaire among men: empire builder with an enchanted life - press clipping
David Morritt appearing in a 1983 interview with the local newspaper in Harrow, England.

It was 1947. The Second World War was over and the UK was facing a severe housing crisis. Entire neighborhoods had been damaged by German bombing, so new homes were desperately needed. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the British government quickly adopted policies that would launch British construction into a post-war boom.

It was a time of innovation and ideas, both of which inspired a London plumber named George Morritt. Swept along by the nation’s quest to rebuild, George also decided he would help restore London, and so Morritt Properties was born.

A father and his son

By the early 1960s, George had developed a large portfolio of properties when his son David entered the scene. As a young man, David had an innate understanding of the real estate world, diving head first into the family business with ease.

It is at this time, however, that land is scarce in London, and yet David has an idea. Noticing that many older terraced houses had large gardens, he couldn’t help but wonder if he could buy them. This would give him the land he needed to build more houses, using the alley space as his entrance. It was such a crazy plan that it just might work.

And it worked. Morritt Properties found great success in these ‘garden houses’, and David continued to expand the company’s developments in the outskirts of London.

First London, then the world

David loved England, but he dreamed of distant, exotic paradises and sunny beaches. His knack for expansion took him to Florida in 1988, where he learned of a beautiful island called Grand Cayman. Intrigued, David decided to “go downstairs and have a look”. This would be the start of the Morritts we all know and love today.

Never one to sit idly by, it wasn’t long before David took the next step. In 2019, he landed in Mont-Tremblant, Canada, and soon after proudly announced the grand opening of Château Morritt.

It’s been 75 years since George Morritt took that bold first step in starting the family business. Of course, in true David fashion, he says the adventure has only just begun. Time will tell where David goes next, but one thing is for sure – the Morritt factor isn’t going anywhere.

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