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‘The amount of torture I’m doing to myself is next level’: Elon Musk reveals what it’s like to be him


Elon Musk thinks he is inflicting “torture” on himself. At the Business 20 (B20) dialogue in Bali, Indonesia, he spoke about what it’s really like to be Elon Musk. The world’s richest man was supposed to join the B20 platform in person, but he couldn’t due to an ongoing lawsuit that was due to start this week. Musk answered questions about all of his major companies, including new addition, Twitter.

During the interview, Musk was asked what young people should do to become the “Musk of the East.” His immediate reaction was “Be careful what you wish for”. He explained that these young people only want to become what they imagine me to be. He went on to say, “The amount I torture myself is next level.”

Continuing by answering the question, he asserted that anyone who does something useful can be successful like him. He believes people who can “build products and services that are useful to human beings are doing a good thing.” He then went on to say, “Maximize your usefulness and value to humanity.”

Elon Musk’s busy work schedule

Elon Musk is famous for his busy work schedule. Some reports claim that he even works over 100 hours a week. During the interaction, Musk went on to say that he had “too much work on his plate.”

Asked about the Bali vacation, Musk said: “My workload has increased a lot. I have too much work on my plate.

Upcoming Changes to Twitter

Elon Musk also talked about the latest company under his belt, Twitter. He asserted that Twitter is media as opposed to media. Speaking about the headlines he’s generated since the takeover, Musk said, “There’s no way to make everybody happy, that’s for sure.”

Talking about his plans for content creators on Twitter. The billionaire again insisted that Twitter needs to work a lot more on the video aspect. He claimed the platform would allow longer videos for content creators who plan to make a living creating content for Twitter.

Musk has taken a tough stance on Twitter’s former leadership. He then laid off more than half of the company’s workforce, top executives and, most recently, more than 4,400 contract employees. Twitter is working to change the entire verification system on the app, bring more paid features (Twitter Blue) and eliminate bots and scammers on the platform. So far, they haven’t been able to build a working system for Twitter Blue with the features that Elon Musk promised.

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