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Streetsboro administration is working on traffic problems caused by the Highway 14 project


The Streetsboro Highway 14 project is on schedule and city officials are working with residents on traffic complaints in the area caused by construction.

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Mayor Glenn Broska said the majority of traffic complaints came from people trying to get into Streetsboro High School. He added that most of the traffic passing through areas controlled by flaggers is commuters coming from Ravenna and beyond. But, vehicles from Streetsboro High School also complicate things in the area, he said.

The majority of complaints come from people trying to pick up their children from school. Construction workers and city officials are doing what they can to alleviate traffic problems in the area. Broska said the traffic light near the high school had been changed. Between 2:25 p.m. and 2:40 p.m., the buses and cars leaving the school have a little more time to empty.

The only day there are problems is Wednesday, when high school lets out early, Broska said. He said the crews had taken steps to try to remedy the situation, but he was not sure they were completely successful. Broska said he observed traffic on Monday and the flow essentially returned to normal by 2:45 p.m.

“We are watching him,” he said.

The marked area of ​​Route 14 tends to reopen to flowing traffic between 2:50 p.m. and 3 p.m., Broska said. Allowing shifts to start work around 8 a.m. also helped. Construction workers are also trying to limit the construction area maintained by flaggers to about 1/4 mile. They watch out for people trying to exit the side streets of Route 14.

The city also authorized the execution of three days of night work, Broska said. The focus will be on the milling and resurfacing of part of the pavement. There will still be time when the traffic will have to be maintained, he said, but these cases will be limited.

Broska said the dates for the night shift are unknown at this time. The city will announce this to residents as much as possible, however, when it becomes known.

“The paving project is going to be a disruption, but they told us that if they had to do it during the day it would take them a lot longer and cost them more,” he said.

Traffic maintenance will continue until the crews have finished working for the winter. Then, they will work on aspects that will not disrupt the flow of traffic as much. The work will not prevent the city from clearing snow from Highway 14, Broska said.

City Council also authorized the submission of funding requests for the proposed work on Route 303 under the Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study. A safety study carried out in the region identified two projects that are available for congestion mitigation and air quality program funding.

The first would eliminate the access road connecting Hwy 303 and Hwy 14 through Ranch Road and add a flashing light. The second project, starting where the first would end, would see a central two-way left turn lane built along the corridor from Highway 303 to Page Road. It would improve capacity and safety everywhere. Sidewalks would also be added on the north side of the road.

The second project would also give this area a total of three lanes as well as curbs and gutters.

There is also an interest in applying to Safe Routes to School for funding to continue sidewalks along Wiencek Road. If Streetsboro gets funding from AMATS, Broska said, a consultant told the administration he would have a good chance of getting funding from SRTS as well.

City officials hope that, if successful, AMATS money will be awarded in November. Broska recalled that even if it was awarded at that time, it would still take three to six years before construction began.

The Town of Streetsboro will continue to seek additional funds to reduce the city’s financial responsibility for proposed projects.

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