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Police find suspect fleeing victim’s home


By DAVID MELSON – [email protected]

A man who allegedly prevented a woman from leaving a Barksdale Lane apartment on Wednesday last week has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault.

A neighbor heard the victim crying for help and Nathan Douglas Hancock, 35, of Antioch, threatening to kill her, Shelbyville police said.

The neighbor called 911 and Constable Andrew Le Roy grabbed Hancock as he was fleeing through the back of the apartment when police arrived.

Hancock is said to have become enraged because he was woken up by the victim’s children while he was still asleep, and then began to strangle him. He allegedly took her cell phone and refused to let her leave the room.

Hancock was being held on $ 20,000 bail.


An Xbox, two controllers, a coffee table and a coffee maker were stolen from a house on Ligon Drive while the owner of the items was at the Tennessee-Miami game on Sunday in Nashville, police were told.

• A hammer drill and a bag of tools were taken from a vehicle at a house in Parker Road on Thursday evening.

An attempt was made to steal a subwoofer from another vehicle; he was found on the ground next to the car.

• A 9mm Hi-Point camouflage style handgun is missing from an employee’s personal vehicle at Nationwide Express, East Lane Street.

The owner named a suspect who was in the vehicle.

Drug charges

• The smell of marijuana during a traffic stop on Sunday afternoon led to two drug-related arrests.

Officer Ramon Castillo stopped the vehicle on Belmont Avenue after registering it at 42 mph in a 30 mph zone.

Sherry Johnson, a passenger, allegedly attempted to throw a bag containing a small roach of marijuana in a trash can at The Wedge, according to the Castillo report. She was charged with possession of Schedule VI drugs and drug paraphernalia.

A small bag containing 18 grams of methamphetamine was reportedly found in a suitcase belonging to passenger Mykhah C. Simon. He told police the substance was MSM, a legal supplement for the hips and joints of horses, and claimed to work in the “horse trade”. One field test was positive for methamphetamine, Castillo said, as was a second later at police headquarters. Simon was charged with Possession of a Schedule II drug with intent to sell / distribute and Possession of a Controlled Substance. Bond was set at $ 5,500.

The driver, Tony A. Lee, was charged with speeding and detained by Indiana authorities on an unspecified charge.

• Marijuana was confiscated from the truck of a man arrested Friday on other active arrest warrants outside Kroger, North Main Street.

Officer Chris Vest found about 2 grams in a grinder in the center console, according to a report.

Harley Anderson was being held on $ 75,000 bail.

Fifth DUI

A driver was charged with his fifth impaired driving offense on Friday after a witness said he struck a bridge on US 41A North.

Jesus Jesus Perez, 48, was spotted by police and arrested in his driveway on Mac Street. Two beers were in the front seat, according to Officer Garrett Stephens’ report.

Perez was also charged with driving without insurance and driving with a revoked license. He was held on $ 8,000 bond.

angry rant

A woman yelled name-calling at $ 45 worth of food from a roller grill and hot plate while pouring coffee on it Friday morning at the Speedway store on Madison Street, police were told Friday morning.

She fled before the police arrived. A store manager said the roller rack may need to be replaced.

Entering prison

The following have been charged since Wednesday, December 29 by the Shelbyville Police Department, the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, the Tennessee Highway Patrol or the 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force. They are only invoiced; guilt or innocence will be determined by the courts.

• Harley Agner Anderson, 43, Glosson Circle; violation of the sex offender registry (three counts), perjury, failure to appear, possession of Schedule VI drugs; inmate, bail of $ 7,500

• Tia Louise Ashworth, 39, Chapel Hill; failure to appear; inmate, $ 1,500 bail

• Tonya Pauline Beard, 46, Mt. Pleasant; simple possession, stop sign running; summons issued

• Haley Cheyenne Burks, 21, Normandy; failure to appear; inmate, bail of $ 7,500

• George Leobardo Campos, 50, chemin Coop; domestic assault (two counts); released, bail of $ 5,000

• Aresnio Selvin Cinto Domingo, 23, central avenue; DUI, reckless driving, no driver’s license / show on request, registration law, due diligence, open container; released, bail of $ 6,500

• Matthew Glen Cowell, 31 Hilltop Drive; DUI (second offense), open container, due diligence, financial liability, stop sign running; inmate, bail of $ 15,000

• William M. Dalton, 38, Davis Lane; DUI (third offense), driving on revoked license (sixth offense); inmate, obligation of $ 11,000

• Marquael Keshon Darden, 22, Barksdale Lane; revocation of probation; released, bail of $ 2,500

• Coby Allan Davis, 30, Cedar Glade Circle; failure to appear; released, bail of $ 2,500

• Crystal Denise Ewing, 34, High Street, Wartrace; DUI, driving with revoked license, open container, speeding, financial responsibility; released, bail of $ 4,000

• Juana Garcia Perez, 45, Nashville; speeding, no driving license / presentation on request; released, bail of $ 750

• Griffin Christopher Grant, 31, route 130 East; failure to appear, violation of probation (two counts); inmate, $ 10,500 bail

• Nathan Douglas Hancock, 35, Antioch; aggravated domestic assault, aggravated kidnapping; inmate, $ 20,000 bail

• Christopher Michael Harden, 41, Pleasant Lane; DUI; inmate, $ 1,000 bond

• Aaliyah Jade Hinojosa, 19 Earnhart Street; light law, no driver’s license, registration violation; summons issued

• Teresa Jeronimo, 36 Madison Street; DUI (second offense), DUI (third offense), running traffic control device; released, bail of $ 7,000

• Anselmo Agostin José, 54, rue Sevier; DUI; released, bail of $ 3,000

• Kerrenako Letoi Kinzer, 42, boulevard South Cannon; failure to appear (two counts), driving with revoked license (fifth offense), light duty, identity theft; inmate, $ 12,500 bail

• Tony Allen Lee, 42, route Normandie-Tullahoma, Normandie; speeding, detained for another agency; inmate, no bail

• Sonya Marie Leverette, 37, rue Martha; driving with suspended license, financial liability, registration violation; summons issued

• Shondelle Lynn Lewis, 48, Murfreesboro; DUI (second offense), speeding, due diligence, driving on the wrong side of the road; released, bail of $ 4,000

• Brodie William Litz, 23, Tullahoma; DUI, felony possession of Schedule I drugs, possession of a firearm while intoxicated, due diligence, open container, seat belt law, financial liability, possession of drug paraphernalia; inmate, $ 12,500 bail

• Stephen Henry Lovett, 41 Hickory Drive; public intoxication; inmate, obligation of $ 4,500

• Beatriz Luciano Barrena, 43 Union Street; free range animals; quote issued

• James Thomas McCord, 60 Laws Hill Road; shoplifting; summons issued

• Pablo Domingo Miguel, 43, Place Comanche; driving with revoked license, registration violation, distracted driving; summons issued

• Daniel Paul Mongeon, 26, rue South Brittain; DUI; released, bail of $ 3,000

• Charles Edward Moody, 52, Hickory Drive; attachment; inmate, $ 1,000 bond

• Taylor Davis Mooningham, 29 Perfection Drive; failure to appear, two arrest warrants; released, bail of $ 4,500

• Colton Dewayne Moran, 19 Butler Avenue; no driving license / presentation on request; released, no bail

• Pablo Ortiz Perez, 46, Sherwood Court; vehicle assault (two counts), drunk driving; inmate, obligation of $ 103,000

• Carlos Perez, 29, Nashville; driving on the wrong side of the road, no driver’s license / exposed on request; released, bail of $ 250

• Jesus Jesus Perez, 48, rue Mac; DUI (fifth offense), no insurance, driving with revoked license; released, bail of $ 8,000

• José Refugio Mondragon Ramirez, 21, rue Carter; simple possession, possession of drug paraphernalia; summons issued

• Mario Apancio Ramos, 46, rue Sevier; financial responsibility, light law, no driver’s license; summons issued

• Dale Keith Ray, 60 Shelbyville Mills Road; aggravated assault, possession of schedule VI drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia; inmate, no bail

• Dustin Lee Reed, 32, Murfreesboro; failure to appear; inmate, $ 1,000 bond

• Roque Rincon Sosa, 49, rue Lipscomb; DUI; released, bail of $ 3,000

• Sergio Alvarez Rios, 36 East Lane Street; no driving license, financial responsibility; summons issued

• Abdikarim Ahmed Shiil, 31, homeless, Shelbyville; public intoxication; inmate, no bail

• Mykhah Calvin Simon, 24, Murfreesboro; possession of Schedule II drugs with intent to sell, surrender; inmate, $ 23,500 bail

• Terry Lynn Sims, 60 Cedar River Road; domestic assault; released, bail of $ 1,500

• Carla Marie Stringer, 44, Winchester; DUI, resistance to arrest; inmate, $ 7,000 bail

• Jason Dewayne Tankersley, 49, Barksdale Lane; violation of protection order, violation of probation; released, bail of $ 7,500

• Joshua Alan Tipton, 30 South Hillcrest Drive; possession of Schedule II drugs, attachment; inmate, obligation of $ 1,750

• Corie Allan Warner, 23, chemin Buzzard Roost; simple possession; released, no bail

• Ross Joseph Widenhofer, 37, Brooklyn Circle; failure to appear, theft of property under $ 500, criminal intrusion, arrest warrant; released, bail of $ 9,500

• Desiree Wilhoite, 20, Temple Ford Lane; driving with suspended license, financial liability, failure to yield; summons issued