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Madison Board of Education Approves Strategic Plan – The Madison Record


MADISON — The Madison Board of Education has approved the district’s strategic plan, the result of months of feedback from teachers, staff, parents, students and residents from surveys, work sessions and meetings.

Dr. Ed Nichols, superintendent of schools in Madison City, said the plan sets goals for the next five years in the areas of academics, special services, operations and facilities, communications, support services, technology, and faculty and personnel.

In great detail, the 28-page document explains the tools, assigned personnel, and action items for the goals. For each action item, the document indicates the timeline for implementation, the MCS employee as responsible, the data marker for sources such as a survey or a report written by the employee, and the date when the school board will receive an update.

* Academics – Emphasis will be placed on student success; academic and extracurricular activities; and quality professional development.

One of the academics’ tasks is to consider extending elementary “specials” to 30 minutes per week and year-round for Spanish, Music, Art and STEM. Teachers will promote dual enrollment opportunities with local community colleges for academics or industrial sites for professional skills.

* Special Services – This area will focus on quality professional development for teachers of students with disabilities. The district will confirm consistency of programs, services and supports for students with disabilities and the staff who support and teach them.

In addition, MCS will expand its ability to support learner instruction in English.

* Operations and Facilities – Documents required financial strength to always grow and fund the needs of students, faculty and staff. District employees should consider sources of funding, extended day provisions, summer school fees, and ongoing tax revenue.

This section indicates that the capital plan will include items with security priorities over $50,000. The school’s budget or maintenance budget will include needs less than $50,000.

* Communications – The district can expand and improve stakeholder participation in various initiatives. MCS should organize leadership teams, release an annual stakeholder survey, pursue Teacher of the Year and Staff Member of the Year, and identify expectations for school and district recognition.

* Support Services – Continue to study the growing mental health needs of students by providing high quality training and lessons to all stakeholders. Action steps will include adding a platform for K-12 students to support mental health.

In addition, teachers will continue training instructions in “first aid” for the mental health of young people. Administrators will monitor the Academy and the placement of students with non-traditional needs.

* Technology – MCS will increase its cybersecurity presence to protect data sources and build a more secure infrastructure for the district. The district wants to replace outdated hardware, including servers, computers, access points, switches, routers, and other outdated technology solutions.

MCS will provide a device (computer) to all students, as well as increased support.

* Faculty/Staff – The district is committed to hiring top quality employees using consistent procedures. Related needs are assessing the salary scale, reviewing the interview process, and identifying creative ways to achieve certification.

To view the strategic plan, visit madisoncity.k12.al.us. Click on the “District” drop-down menu, then click on “Strategic Plan”.