Home Financial responsibility Long-time downtown Madison retailer stayed dry after 2020 flooding | Local News

Long-time downtown Madison retailer stayed dry after 2020 flooding | Local News


“InterCon is not in a position to take financial responsibility for damages that do not result from our construction activities,” he said.

This photo taken from a showroom in the basement of Rubin’s Contemporary Furniture on July 10, 2020, shows soaked rugs.


Chitwood later told the Wisconsin State Journal that he witnessed conditions at Rubin’s after the flooding that suggested the site had already been prone to flooding, and Rubin said the company told him the same. But after consulting with the company’s insurer, Chitwood declined to release photos or any other evidence to support this claim.

“Why would I have a showroom with rugs if I think it’s raining?” Rubin said. “If there had been a lot of leaks, I wouldn’t have (put) so much money in it.”

In an interview and via email, Chitwood suggested that it was up to the insurance companies involved – InterCon and Rubin’s – to fight over who should pay for Rubin’s damages.

“These types of incidents are best handled by professionals and insurance companies,” he said in an email. “Mr Rubin’s water situation, while unfortunate, should be handled by insurance companies,” he said in another.

The problem for Rubin is that he doesn’t have flood insurance because his property is not in a floodplain.

After a frustrating year of trying to cover his losses with InterCon and MGE, Rubin said his daughter advised him to quit.


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