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Landian Metaverse Live Auction Launches With Record


ALEXANDRIA, Va., Sept. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Austin Yavorsky, CEO and Founder of Landian (LNDA), announces that he has built the world’s largest working metaverse that is years ahead of anything that currently exists. The Landian Metaverse eliminates the shortcomings of existing metaverse marketplaces, makes participation more accessible to everyone, and is the future of Web3.

Landian Metaverse Level 1

“Landian is not a game,” Yavorsky said. “We are a platform to build the next iteration of the Internet where all the tools and resources are provided. Think of us as Web 3.0, child of WordPress, Shopify, Upwork and Instagram, all integrated into a remarkable experience where users develop meaningful solutions.”

The Landian Metaverse Tier 1 live auction sold a record 98,463,595 square meters of land equivalent to hundreds of thousands of NFTs. Over a four-day period, almost 400,000 transfers took place, topping the BSC charts. Landian is capable of accommodating millions of users simultaneously.

The Landian Metaverse is built in Unreal Engine 5 and uses the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Smart contracts are integrated into immersive real-world experiences and graphics are delivered at speeds that far exceed anything currently available on the market. Users can purchase plots, construct buildings, and create unique experiences in the Landian Metaverse.

Plots are sold as NFTs and have actual value based on location, land mass and intended future use. Holders can develop their plots into unique homes, businesses, education centers, and experiences. Development is limited only by the imagination. Payment is made via crypto-commerce or traditional methods such as credit cards.

Web3 integrates decentralization, blockchain technologies and the token economy. The Landian Metaverse provides a hyper-realistic world that is functional and profitable for real-world individuals, businesses, and governments.

“Landian has succeeded in changing traditional perceptions of metaverse and blockchain technology.” Said Yavorsky. “While it’s unclear what Web 3.0 will look like in the future, the future of the Landian Metaverse looks bright.”

About Landian

Founded in 2019, its base of over 440 local and international employees supports the world’s most advanced metaverse for real-world solutions. Landian.io exists for people, businesses, organizations and cultures to engage seamlessly and without limits, making virtual worlds more interactive, accessible and easier to navigate. Featuring compelling incentives that drive user engagement and commerce, Landian is governed by a shared value system that benefits founders and users alike. The ability to evolve and thrive in Landian depends solely on effort, and becoming anyone or anything is limited only by imagination. With its top-notch centralized network for streaming services and a decentralized network, Landian.io is designed to counter the shortcomings of the common market, e-commerce and engagement in the existing metaverse market.

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