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Cost of living: Grim new forecast predicts energy bills of £6,000 a year

Experts warn of household energy bills of £6,000 a year from next April

Energy prices could soar by up to £6,000 a year for the average household from next April, experts have warned

Consultancy Auxilione has predicted the bill price cap will gradually increase by more than £4,000 over the next eight months.

They said the cap is expected to hit £3,576 in October, rise to £4,799 in January and eventually hit £6,089 in April.

The new forecast is an increase of £96 in January and £233 in April from the last one.

The cap is currently £1,971 for the average household.

Households that consume more than the average pay more for their energy bill.

The forecast, based on Friday’s petrol prices, is another blow to families across Britain and will put further pressure on the government to act.

About 45 million people are expected to be in fuel poverty this winter.

Millions of homes are likely to be kept freezing cold as people try to save what little they can on their energy bills.

The increase in the ceiling is due to the surge in the price of gas on the European markets following the limitation of Russian supply following the invasion of Ukraine.

It was triggered about a year ago as demand for gas soared as economies emerged from Covid-19 lockdowns.

Auxilione predicts bills will slowly decline in the second half of next year, to £5,486 in July and £5,160 in October 2023.