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Boots launches budget range as UK shoppers ease cost of living crisis | Boots


Boots has launched a new budget brand which includes toiletries such as shampoo, body wash and toothpaste for less than £1 as the worsening cost of living crisis forces UK shoppers to cut even the essential items.

The high street health and beauty chain said it had created the new ‘everyday’ brand to make it easier for customers to find the cheapest toiletries on its shelves as the cost of life continues to increase.

Jenna Whittingham-Ward, head of beauty for Boots brands and exclusives, said the economy brand would allow customers to make “small daily changes to help save money” while leaving them “clean and looking their best.” feel good”.

“At a time when many people are faced with choices between heating and eating, and when we are all preparing for a winter that feels more felt than ever, we offer an uncompromising range to help customers,” she said. .

As UK inflation tops 10% for the first time in 40 years, driven by soaring food and fuel prices, Boots said shoppers were looking for deals and promotions.

Everything in the 60-product range will cost £1.50 or less, including large bottles of shampoo and conditioner for 75p and vintage products from 70p. The range also includes toothbrushes, cleaning wipes and hand soap.

Retailers are being forced to adapt to tough times as retail sales data shows shoppers are cutting back on spending and switching to cheaper own brand products.

Boots has already frozen the price of more than 1,500 products until at least the end of the year to ensure they remain affordable for customers.

In May, Asda launched the ‘Just Essentials’ food brand aimed at shoppers facing pressure on their household finances, with the supermarket recently reporting that one in three shoppers regularly buy the label.

Boots said the budget mango and papaya shampoo and 85p raspberry and pomegranate ‘zingy’ shower gel would not disappoint, with Whittingham-Ward saying it had stayed true to its tagline, ” if there are boots on it, he did our best”.

Makeup sales often thrive in tough economic times, as small luxuries become a way for cash-strapped consumers to indulge themselves. This idea is known as the “lipstick effect” and Boots said she sees evidence of the trend, with overall beauty sales up 14% from last year and a demand for perfumes up by almost a fifth.

“Beauty sales at Boots continue to rise, suggesting that customers still want to treat themselves to new makeup, fragrance or skincare, despite cost of living pressures,” said Seb James, Director General of Boots UK.

“During the last recession, we experienced two things: one, the ‘lipstick effect’, i.e. the willingness to keep buying small treats, and two, the increase spending on own brands and promotions,” he added. “These trends are back, with 500,000 new registrations for our Advantage card [Boots’ loyalty scheme] within six months – the highest number of new entrants in some time.