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Bentley’s Law Comes to Alabama


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) – House Bill 114, also known as Bentley’s Law, was recently proposed to the Alabama Legislature and is aimed at preventing people from driving while intoxicated.

It comes as the Missouri legislation was proposed by Cecilia Williams last year after her son, her fiancé and their infant son were killed in a car crash by a drunk driver.

Williams says her primary focus for this bill is on the financial responsibility of the offender to pay child support to any child, up to age 19, who has lost a parent this way.

Now Alabama State Rep. Proncey Robertson is bringing this bill here in Alabama.

“The person would be responsible for paying child support to the surviving parent or new guardians of that child, including if it was like DHR, for example,” Robertson said.

In such cases, the drunk driver is frequently serving time behind bars. In this case, they are still required to make the payments.

“When they are released, they will still be responsible for the full amount of this assistance from the time of the accident until they turned 19,” Robertson said.

Robertson says that unless the victim or their family initiates a civil action, there is no way under Alabama law for an orphaned child to be compensated in situations like this. -this.

“That’s a tough number to come up with in a criminal trial,” Robertson said. “It’s hard to put a price tag on what it costs to raise a child and this new law is designed to help do that.”