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Alec Baldwin does not want to be financially responsible for the death of Halyna Hutchins | Culture & Leisure


Alec Baldwin has insisted he was not “guilty” in Halyna Hutchins’ death.

The 63-year-old actor has filed for arbitration claiming his contract shields him from financial responsibility in the death of the cinematographer, who was killed when a gun exploded on the set of ‘Rust ” last October, and in the documents he pointed out that the events leading up to the tragedy had nothing to do with him.

Court documents obtained by ‘Entertainment Tonight’ state “this is a rare case where the system went down, and someone should be held legally guilty of the tragic consequences. That person is not Alec. Baldwin.”

Alec – who is among the defendants in a wrongful death lawsuit brought by Halyna’s family – insisted he was not “reckless” on set, having previously denied pulling the trigger on the gun, and blamed gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and assistant director Dave Halls for telling him the gun had no live ammunition, and also mentioned Seth Kenney, who provided the ammunition for the film.

The arbitration request sent to the producers stated: “Immediately prior to the transfer to Baldwin, based on information and belief, Halls had removed the weapon from a prop cart 2 after it had been loaded by the set’s gunsmith, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the person responsible for weapon security and managing the operation of firearm-related accessories on set.

“Reed claims he personally checked all cartridges to make sure they weren’t ‘hot’ and then loaded them into the gun. Halls later told an investigator that after [Reed] opened the gun for inspection, he did not check all the cartridges as he should have done before handing it over to… Baldwin…

“At this point, two things are clear: someone is guilty of chambering the live tour that led to this horrific tragedy, and it’s someone other than Baldwin.

“Baldwin is an actor. He didn’t announce the gun was ‘cold’ when it actually contained live ammunition; he didn’t load the gun; he didn’t check for bullets in the gun; he didn’t buy the bullets; he didn’t make the bullets and say they were dummies; he wasn’t responsible for the safety of the guns on set; he didn’t did not hire the people who supplied the bullets or checked the gun, and he had no role in managing the film’s props.Each of that work was done by someone else.

The ‘Boss Baby’ star has dismissed reports that he refused to practice weapons on set, with his lawyer pointing to email correspondence with the ‘Rust’ costume designer showing he had asked for gun training long before the film started, and eventually had a 90-minute session with Hannah, who reminded him of gun safety, including reassuring him that it was “his job “to check the weapons.

Alec said he returned $100,000 of his $250,000 for the film, but wanted to finish the film to honor Halyna and also took it upon himself to “provide [the Hutchins family] compensation for their loss. »

The documents stated: “The proposed settlement for Hutchins included an insurance product component.

“Additionally, Baldwin went to great lengths to reach out to the cast of Rust in hopes of enlisting their support to complete the film. He did so both in an effort to honor Halyna’s legacy by completing his last work and compensating Hutchins and his son for the profits from the film.Depending on the success of Rust upon its completion and release, this additional piece of the settlement would likely have been worth millions of dollars.

The submission also included copies of text messages between Alec and Halyna’s husband Matthew Hutchins and although Halyna’s widower recently claimed he was angry watching Alec’s interview about the tragedy on ABC, l The actor’s lawyer said they had a friendly exchange two weeks later.

The documents read: “On Dec. 17, more than two weeks after Baldwin’s interview with Stephanopoulos aired on ABC, Baldwin texted Hutchins in light of the upcoming vacation, writing: ‘Despite the angst of all this, I wish you and your son a happy holiday.

“Hutchins responded – again, more than two weeks after the interview – saying, ‘I sincerely hope you and the whole family can come together and have a time of fun, love and togetherness and that it is a moment of healing for everyone. “”

Alec is seeking to “indemnify, defend and hold harmless” himself and his production company El Dorado Pictures from any liability and is seeking to recover his legal costs.

Matthew’s attorney, Brian Panish, accused the actor of “trying to avoid liability for his reckless actions before and on October 21 which resulted in the death of Halyna Hutchins”.

He added in a statement: “Baldwin’s disclosure of personal texts with Matt Hutchins is irrelevant to his arbitration claim and demonstrates nothing but the dignity of Hutchins in his engagement with Baldwin.

“It is shameful for Baldwin to claim that Hutchins’ actions in suing for wrongful death derailed the completion of ‘Rust’. The only action that ended the film’s production was the murder of Halyna Hutchins by Baldwin.”