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3 Rs to Get Your Personal Finances Back on Track | advice


# 1: Accept ownership. Even if you weren’t the only contributor to the mess, you have to take responsibility for it. Stop looking back, stop wishing, and stop whining. If it’s got your name on it, admit it’s yours and take responsibility for it.

# 2: stop running. If you’re like most people in dire financial straits, you’re not sure exactly how much you owe. Instead of slamming the phone on your creditors, destroying bills that come in the mail, and doing whatever you can to avoid the music, stop running. Accept calls, do the right thing, learn the truth, write it down, take a deep breath, and take responsibility.

# 3: Make a commitment. If you promise to do whatever it takes to pay off your debt and learn to live within your means, you have a bright future. It won’t be a bed of roses, but it will be worth it.

Regret. There are two aspects to this second R.

# 1: There has to be a real ‘I’m sorry. “ It is important that you regret that you made bad choices. Perhaps you have arrogantly assumed future income to cover current whims, lied to your spouse, or falsified credit applications. You must regret anything that has contributed to your current situation, but it is more than that.


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